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Choosing a Signature Wedding Scent

A great piece of advice that was given to me just before my wedding was to pick a signature wedding perfume. With all of the things that had to be decided and planned before my big day, I had never given my perfume selection a second thought. This absolutely became the least stressful part of planning my wedding and I am so glad that I took the advice.

First things first, not all perfumes or colognes smell the same on everybody. Don't assume that Phyllis's Chanel No. 5 is gonna knock the socks off of your partner. Or maybe it will, but not in the good way. Perfumes also don't smell the same in the bottle as they do on your skin. What may seem light and fresh may wear heavy or musk like on you.

My advice? Head to your local beauty supply store, HELLO Sephora, and ask for a sample. Or four! I had such a great time discussing my wedding planning with my Sephora girl and she sent me packing with at least six samples. This gave me the opportunity to actually wear the scent, see how long it lasted, if it complimented my pheromones and if it made sense for the current season. Try it before you buy it!

In the end, I ended up choosing COCO Mademoiselle by Chanel which happened to be a gift from my lovely sister-in-law just before my wedding. It was the perfect floral scent that lasted all day which checked all of the boxes on my list of requirements. I still wear it for special occasions and it always brings my husband and I back to our wedding day.

Those personal moments when you are preparing yourself to see your future spouse are sacred. Remember how you feel, how you smell, how incredibly excited you are to start your forever with the one you love the most. Something as simple as a scent can bring you back to significant moments. The nose knows.

Have you selected your signature wedding scent? Tell me what your favorite is!

For Better or Worse,


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